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Taron Birmans


E-mail address: taron@birman.net


CFA best of breed Birman 87/88 to Current 
CFA best of breed Birman 69/70 to 86/87
CFA best of breed Birman Kitten

CFA best of breed Birman Premier

CFA Distinguished Merit Birmans
TICA best of breed Birman
TICA best of breed Birman Kitten

TICA best of breed Birman Alter

TICA Outstanding Sire/Dam Birmans

CCA best of breed Birman (Canada)

Early Birman Breed History
(More Birman history pages are being developed if you have something to add please contact us) We are looking for any Birman pictures from 1980 and earlier!


Birman archive project:

In an effort to compile the tons of Birman Information that is out there Nora and I  launched the Birman Archive project. This project through the use of a scanner and conversion of documents to electronic media will collect, compile, sort and publish information on the Birman Community World wide.

We would love to collect copies of your Birman Photographs and Historical documents.

I will scan your archive materials free, and send the original pictures and documents back to you. If you include a blank CD I will send back the scans too!  Archive Documents can be included if they are of good quality, I have OCR software available (scan to text) Note: Due to language problems (ours) all documents we get need to be in English (anyone willing to translate?)

If your wondering what I am up to, I would love to release a Birman CD ROM someday.... But there is a LOT of work between here and there. Anyway for now I'm settling for filling a lot of zip disk of data and seeing what I can come up with. Anyone willing to retype those documents that cannot be scanned? (I am a horrible typist)
NOTE: This is not a for profit endeavor, if there is any money collected it will cover materials and expenses only! (such as the CD ROM production cost, shipping etc)*

Send any information / Pictures to:

Ron & Nora Thayer / Taron Birmans
174 Hawfields drive
Pittsboro, NC 27312-7137

Please include a label on all pictures with: cat name breeder/owner name (if available) and your return address so I can get them back to you. I will return them within a month of receiving them. (unless they contain too much information to sift through in that time in which case I will call you)

* Note: If you have money you do not need and desire to bankroll this project Nora and I would be happy to quit our current jobs and do this full time. (or just buy better equipment in order to do this, if you don't have that much)


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