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Taron Birmans

Taron Cattery History
Nora & Ron Thayer
E-mail address: taron@birman.net


CH Taron's lyssa-s.jpg (3501 bytes)
Photo Korporate Kats
CH/PR Taron's Lyssa

Photo Larry Johnson
CH Taron's Ombre Rose of Nekobirm

Photo Larry Johnson
GRP Taron's Pooka

Taron Birmans First Distinguished Merit Cat!


Nora and I started Taron Birmans with our first Seal point queen Ch Oxdownes Khalea of Taron sold to us by Betty Cowles (Oxdowne Birmans) 20 years ago. She acted as our mentor taught us to show and was a friend. The Navy moved us south a year later.  Keeping the "Oxdowne" mask is still very important to our cattery.

CH Oxdownes Khalea of Taron

CH Maskat's Mad Max of Taron

Our first stud CH Maskats Mad Max of Taron sired many fine litters, passing on a wonderful Roman nose, Dark blue eyes and a distinctive look, but limited us to Seal point cats (seal point is dominant and Max did not carry blue). Our First Grand was GRP Taron's Pooka, and we mostly bred to cats we had from our first breeding to Betty Cowles studs and from other studs made available to us.

The Addition of GRC Cincicatti Shogun of Taron and CH Heartbir's Uncola of Taron DM brought back blue point cats to our Cattery. Shogun and Uncola produce large sweet cats with big dark blue eyes! So far Shogun has sired 13 Grand Champions or Grand Premiers. 

GRP Taron's Espresso is the latest in our list of Grands.  Other Grand Champions/Premiers are: GRP Taron's D'Artagnan GRP Taron's Bonus Check GRP Taron's Adakin Skywalker of Oshkosh GRP Taron's Apache Windfire of Jamas GRP Taron's Zuider Zee of HammertimeGRC Tarons Whisper Sweet Nothings, GRC Taron's You R Precocious, GRP Taron's Yuri, GRP Taron's YesMan of Whitesox, GRC Taron's Xpensive Habit of Pirates Lair, GRP Taron's Xtra Edition, GRP Taron's Xanadu of Hammertime, GRP Taron's Wearing Blue Jeans, GRC Taron's Vanilla Bean and GRC Taron's Vaudville of Silkfire, GRP Taron's Up-Roar of Tribetta and GRC Taron's Unsung Hero.

Taron Birmans is pleased to announce that our first Birman has achieved the Title of Distinguished Merit, CH Heartbirs Uncola of Taron DM.  She is also Heartbirs first DM, Barb Thurman, Nora and I are so Proud!   A Blue point DM with 5 Blue point Grands!

Nora and I were very active in breeding and promoting the Lynx point Birman.  Lynx points were added to our lines by adding Whitesox Umpteen Kisses of Taron and breeding one of our girls to Sinchat Tabhunter of Biramor currently we have several Lynx point queens and expect to breed them and traditional Birmans too. They are now competing in Championship, and are widely accepted with most Birman breeders now having one or more in their homes.

We seldom breed more than five litters a year so kittens are available only 3-4 times a year. We continue to show locally (Four state area) and hope someday to have the money to properly campaign our next cat that is as good as Shogun. All of our Birmans are raised underfoot with love. They have German Shepherds for pets to keep them Busy.


Taron's Xtra Edition
Photo Chanan
GRP Taron's Xtra Edition
Blue Point

Untold Story
Taron's Untold Story
Seal point

 The Birman

They gaze at me with looks so wise
My Sacred Cats with deep blue eyes
The silky softness of their fur
The wonderful rumble of their purr.
Ah........................The Birman
Four color points are tried and true
Soon to enter, some colors new
Dressed complete with four white gloves
So little brushing, but so much love
Ah........................The Birman
Sounds like these cats are perfect indeed
With love & affection, One's all you need
Well that is where the problem arises
One Birman Households, increase in sizes
Ah........................The Birman
One just isn't enough!

Written by: N. Thayer


Nora and I have been active in both CFA and TICA, we have belonged to several CFA clubs and started one, Pawprints in the sand of Chesapeake VA, where Nora served two Terms as President. Both of us have had the opportunity to run CFA cat shows as Show managers (a fate we wish on no one). Ron is an active CFA Master Clerk, and Nora is a TICA Clerk. We enter one to two shows a month TICA and CFA we would love to visit with you there!

r&n-s.jpg (3219 bytes)
Photo Larry Johnson
Nora & Ron Thayer


Birman arts and crafts
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